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Health[e]Foundation's contribution to the fight against the Ebola epidemic is this free of charge course.

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What we do

Health[e]Foundation offers training and education to healthcare workers and trainers in developing countries. Socio-economic development can only happen within healthy populations.


We train our participants through a successful combination of onsite and computer-based training, called “blended learning”. Health[e]Foundation specializes in HIV/AIDS, Pediatric HIV, TB, SRHR, Mental Health as well as a prevention program for the community, called Health[e]Living.



We have strong partnerships with local and global partners, and train 1000 people each year.




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Each month we have a different module open for free previewing. This month it is "Mental Health and HIV/AIDS". To preview this module and learn how the e-learning courses work, click this link & follow the modules menu.


Joep Lange (1954-2014), professor of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam, was one of the most prominent professionals in his field – a person who inspired many and managed to change the world through his unwavering commitment. Sharing Joep's Story »


10 December 2014
Kick-off workshops Malawi

8 December 2014
Kick-off workshop Cameroon

5 December 2014
Kick-off workshop Mental Health & HIV education in Uganda

2 December 2014
Health[e]families in Rwanda

2 December 2014
Workshops Mental health and HIV[e]Education in Uganda

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Health[e]Foundation is a Public Benefit Organization which means that all donations are tax deductible.