Health[e]Foundation is committed to establish sustainable methods of training for healthcare workers on patient management and care, including disease prevention. We achieve this by means of a blended learning concept, which strengthens healthcare systems in resource limited settings


Health[e]Foundation’s vision is a world in which everyone is treated equally, and poverty is eradicated. We believe that a good healthcare system is essential to achieve sound and sustainable socioeconomic growth. We strive to educate healthcare workers in the world’s most vulnerable societies to ensure quality treatment for everyone in need. In addition, Health[e]Foundation educates the community in prevention, healthy living, life skills and sexual reproductive health.

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We offer training and education to healthcare workers, students and pupils in the area of poverty related illnesses. By using the blended learning concept and online applications we support local infrastructure and promote the legacy that good healthcare is a condition for social and economic growth in developing countries.

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Blended learning concept

Health[e]Foundation offers several blended learning programs with different areas of focus, such as HIV/AIDS, pediatric HIV, Tuberculosis, Mental Health and Sexual and Reproductive health. The blended learning program starts with a kick-off workshop, followed by a three month self-study period including pre- and post-tests, and a follow-up workshop.  The training period is followed by certification and continuous medical education through annual updates of the course content.

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