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In January 2010, Health[e]Foundation expanded its program reach in Cameroon with an HIV Education kickoff training in French for a group of 41 healthcare workers gathered by our Regional Representative, Dr. Roselyne Toby.  Despite their high workload, the majority of the participants were able to complete the course at the end of the self-study period and attend the closing workshop in June 2010.

The group consisted of a wide variety of professional experts, most of whom work at Cameroon’s largest hospital, The Central Hospital of Yaoundé (Hôpital Central Yaoundé).

A new, enthusiastic group of healthcare workers gathered by Dr. Toby began HIV education in February 2011, and the closing workshop is scheduled to take place in May.

We greatly appreciate the financial support of the Cameroon MTN Foundation, who has made the Yaoundé kickoff and workshop trainings possible. The MTN Foundation’s objective is to contribute to the improvement of living standards for Cameroonians.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the MTN Foundation and expanding our training programs in Cameroon.


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Cameroon Certificate Yaoundé 2010
2010 Workshop participant proudly presents his certificate!

Cameroon Yaounde Exercise 2011
2011 Kickoff exercise in Yaoundé, Cameroon

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