Health[e]Families project Rwanda

The Health[e]Families project is a 3 year blended learning training program which aims to improve maternal and infant health in Rwanda, in partnership with the University of Rwanda and The Ministry of Health as collaborating partner. Maternal mortality in Rwanda is high and limited knowledge among pregnant women is a major barrier towards attending antenatal care. There is a lack of skilled health care staff and only 55% of deliveries are assisted.

The aim of this project is to improve knowledge on management of reproductive and maternal health for community members and knowledge on maternal health care delivery for midwives in Rwanda. This is done by innovative e-learning training programs for midwives and the community. This way the community will not only know where, when and how to seek appropriate care, but also have access to skilled healthcare staff.

Since 2014, 150 midwifes and 52 Community Health Workers were trained with the Health[e]Families courses. The Community Health workers trained in total 480 assistant community workers (Animateur de Santé Maternelee).

The project consists of two training programs:

  • Female&Family[e]Education for nurses and midwifes,
  • Health[e]Community for Community Health workers.

The project is sponsored by Merck, as part of the Merck for Mothers program.

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