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Ethiopia is one of the ten countries with the highest number of neonatal deaths globally; with 75 per 1000 live births. In addition, maternal mortality rates are classified as high with 420 maternal deaths per 100.000 live births. Proper health care during pregnancy, delivery and the newborn period are important for the health of the mother and newborn. This is dependent on the quality of care, the qualifications of healthcare providers and the knowledge and attitudes of community members. Limited knowledge among pregnant women is a major barrier towards the uptake of healthcare services in Ethiopia. In addition, there is a lack of skilled healthcare professionals and only 1 in 10 women deliver with a skilled attendant.

The aim of the Health[e]Families project is to improve knowledge on maternal and newborn health for healthcare professionals and community members in Ethiopia. This is done through blended e-learning and mhealth interventions, targeting midwives, medical professionals and the community. The training program aims to deliver continuous professional accreditation to healthcare workers. To implement the training program and build capacity, Health[e]Foundation will collaborate with the Ethiopian Medical Association, the Ethiopian Midwives Association and the Federal Ministry of Health.

In total 800 midwives and 800 medical professionals will be trained with the Female and Family[e]Education course. In addition an SMS service will be developed to deliver information on maternal and newborn health to community members. 

This project is funded by the Dioraphte Foundation.



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