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20 February 2017


Health[e]Foundation is also moving forward with the technology development. The courses can now also can be run on an Android-powered device (mobile phones and tablets), containing all the materials that you need in an offline environment. This means once fully downloaded, you can follow the course totally offline. 

What you need

  • Enough storage [show me how]
    • Tap the ‘Settings’ of your phone
    • At the ‘Settings’ screen, tap the storage under the DEVICE to open up the Storage screen
    • At the ‘Storage’ screen, see under INTERNAL STORAGE. There are two statuses; Total Space and Available.
    • See the available internal space. Be advised not to use the full available space as it would make your phone rather very slow
    (the courses and their accompanying files (image, documents, videos) vary from 500MB to 4GB)
  • Internet connection, preferably a stable one
  • Username and password:
    -. If you are an active participant, you should have received this from us.
    -. If you are a former participant and forgot your username and/or password, please e-mail us with as much details as possible so we can track it for you.
    -. If you do not have a username/password combination, you can register for one here. Open registration will grant you access to the free courses. Should you want to access other courses, please contact us.

Installation Process

  • Allow unknown sources
    When you browse to the download link from your Android-powered devices, the file is downloaded and the Android system automatically will start installing it on the device. However, the installation process will only start automatically if you have configured your Settings to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. If you have not done this already, please go to your Settings, and under Security, switch the Unknown Sources to ON.

    Enable the Unknown sources setting before you can install apps not downloaded from Google Play.

  • Download the app
    You can download the app from the link below:
    Download HealthE.App - date: 03 July 2017
  • Install
    After the download process is done, the installation should start automatically. If not, browse to your download folder and proceed with the installation. [Help! I cannot find the downloaded file]
    • Method 1: Notifications Panel

      This first method is probably the easiest and fastest way to open downloads on Android. This method is perfect if you want to open the file as soon as it finishes downloading.

      If you want to store the downloaded file on your phone and want to open it later, then this method won’t be effective. The way this works is that many Android phones get notifications once the download is complete and you can directly open the file through that notification.

      Step 1
      Download the file on your Android smartphone or tablet. You might be able to see the download progress in your notifications panel.

      Step 2
      Once the download is complete, you’ll see a notification saying Download complete or something similar. Swipe down your notifications panel and tap on the downloaded file.

    • Method 2: "Downloads" App

      Some Android devices have a dedicated app for downloads and you can launch it to access all your downloads. If your Android phone or tablet has such an app, then you can use it to open your downloaded files. Also, this is an effective method if you don’t want to open downloaded files right away.

      Step 1
      Download your desired file on your Android phone or tablet. If you don’t want to open it right away, you can swipe away the Download complete notification. Don’t worry, the downloaded file will stay on your phone.

      Step 2
      Open the Downloads app on your phone. You should now see a list of all your downloaded files. Open the downloaded file (it is called HealthE_XXXX.apk) by tapping on it.

    • Method 3: File Manager

      The final method in this guide focuses on using a file manager to open downloaded files stored on your phone. Like Method 2, this method is also effective if you want to open files that you downloaded a while back.

      If you don’t have a dedicated app for your downloaded files or you have too many downloaded files, then you can use this method to open downloads on Android.

      Step 1
      Open your default file manager app. If you don’t have any file manager installed on your phone, you can use a third party file manager, such as ES File Explorer. You can download it through the Google Play Store button below. Once downloaded, open the app on your Android device. Download on Google Play

      Step 2
      Navigate to the Download folder on your phone. This is the folder where all your downloaded files are stored.



  • After the installation is completed, open the app
  • Please login with your personal username and password. A short sync process will start. Please wait until this is done.
  • Tap on the Courses. A notification will tell you that there is no course downloaded. You will be then taken to the Course Download screen where you can choose which course you want to have on your device.
    Be advised that there is only one course can be loaded into the device at one given time. This is by design.
  • Tap on the download icon next to the course name to start the download process.
  • Please keep the app open during download. You will see a notification on the screen once the download is done.
  • You can now proceed with the course.

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