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Annual Report 2014


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Health[e]Foundation is committed to establish sustainable methods of training for healthcare workers on patient management and care including disease prevention. In addition, Health[e]Foundation educates the community in life skills and sexual reproductive health. We achieve this by means of a blended learning concept, which strengthens healthcare systems in resource-limited settings.

Health[e]Foundation's vision is a world in which everyone is treated equally, and poverty is eradicated. We believe that a good healthcare system is essential to achieve sound and sustainable socio-economic growth. We strive to educate healthcare workers in the world's s most vulnerable societies to ensure quality treatment for everyone in need.


If possible, every midwife must attend this training and workshops

ParticipantFemale&Family[e]Education, Rwanda

The two days were very educational and sharpened our skills. I hope more people can do the course which will give them skills and knowledge to treat their clients better

ParticipantTreat'n Care[e]Education, South Africa

Continue bringing more and more e-learning training on different topics. I appreciate thank you very much

ParticipantMental Health symposium, Uganda

A good learning experience to know more about health and to take what you learn back to your community. Positive. Helpful

ParticipantHealth[e]Living, South Africa

It was informative and disheartening to be opposed to the challenges, dangers and sufferings that women have to endure after being infected. Thanks for opening my eyes to such powerful information. I am forever changed and grateful for this

Participant HIV[e]Education, Jamaica

Palliative care was so important. I learned how to take care of patients and caregivers, we are starting to use it and pay more attention to it in our daily work

Participant Treat ‘n Care[e]Education, Tanzania

Blended Learning Training Concept

Blended Learning

The blended learning program consists of a three-month training period, followed by certification and continuous medical education through annual updates of the course content. The training starts with a kick-off workshop, followed by a threemonth self-study period including pre- and post-tests, and a follow-up workshop. Participants are encouraged to interact with their peers through the participant portal and to seek e-tutor support through their personalized e-learning account.

Kick off workshop

Kick-Off Meeting

Each training starts with a kick-off workshop consisting of different cadres of healthcare workers, with local experts as guest speakers. Each participant receives a personal username and an USB stick and/or tablet containing the complete e-learning course. All workshops are designed to be as interactive as possible, through interactive presentations, electronic quizzes, ice-breakers and discussion periods.

Kick off workshop


Every course consists of self-study modules written by renowned experts in the field: starts with a pre-test and ends with a post-test to evaluate the learning curve. Each course includes local epidemiology, clinical cases and videos. References, a glossary, and international and national guidelines are part of the course. The course can be done online and offline through a personalized USB stick or tablet.

Kick off workshop

Follow-Up Workshop

After the three-month self-study, participants gather again for a follow-up workshop. This workshop addresses key topics of the course in a collaborative setting, with local experts as guest speakers. The agenda is programmed with lectures, interactive clinical case discussions, and individual and group exercises that are focused on the needs and local circumstances of the healthcare workers.


In 2014, Health[e]Foundation trained more healthcare workers than ever before with the blended learning concept as well as only online



Not only did 2014 end with a positive financial balance,
the prospects for 2015 are also looking promising.

As stated by the auditor, PwC: "change in strategy does pay off". The most significant contribution towards financial security for 2014 was the continuation of the shift from public towards private funding.





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