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About this m-health service

Besides offering e-learning courses online, you can do our courses offline using the Health[e]Learning app. The entire Health[e]Foundation course curriculum on disease prevention, infectious diseases, sexual and reproductive health and maternal and child health is available via the Health[e]Learning app.

Who is the Health[e]Learning app for

The Health[e]learning courses are developed for healthcare providers and community health workers. 

What does the Health[e]Learning app offer

The Health[e]Learning courses are developed for healthcare providers and community health workers. 

How does the Health[e]Learning app work?

The app can be downloaded on your mobile device (tablet or smartphone) from Google Play Store. Once the download is completed, select the course you want, login with your personal username and password and begin your learning. The app works completely offline, only once you have completed your modules and tests, you will require internet connection to synchronize your results which will enable you to fulfill the course requirements to receive a certificate. 

Learners can access one course at a time. For more information on the courses we offer, please click here.

How to get the Health[e]Learning app

This app is designed for Health[e]Foundation members with an existing account to our courses. If you do not have an account, click here to create your personal Health[e]Foundation account.

Download the app via the Google Playstore:


Do you already use the Health[e]Learning app to participate in another e-learning course of Health[e]Foundation? Find out below how to proceed:

Do you have the Health[e]Learning.App installed on your phone / tablet?

Active participant

Are you still using the app to actively participating in a course?

Install Health[e]

Please install the Health[e] (Android) on your device using the Google play button above.

Manually install the Corona[e]Education app

You can only do one course at the time. If you are interested in the Corona[e]Education course, please manually install the additional Health[e]Corona app (Android) on your device. Follow the steps in this page: Corona[e]Education.App (Android)

Reset the Healht[e]

You can re-use the installed Health[e] to access the Corona[e]Education. Please follow the steps here

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