The Health[e]Living program is developed in 2014. The program aims to increase young people’s knowledge, skills and values regarding a healthy life style which will assist them to protect themselves and others in a range of risk taking situations. The Health[e]Living program trains community workers and educators, who actively work with people aged 12 year and older.  Community workers and educators will learn viable facilitation skills and knowledge which they use to teach others and improve the life skills of young people in their communities. 

Key topics

The Health[e]Living course content is a combination of interactive activities, short movies, quizzes, animations and educational games about various topics related to sexuality, reproductive health, prevention of HIV, addictions, substance abuse and gender. All 10 modules contain activities, PowerPoint presentations, videos and quizzes which can be done without a particular order.

Target group

Community workers, community educators, peer educators



Access to course

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