History of Health[e]Foundation

Health[e]Foundation was founded in 2003, by Prof. Dr. Fransje van der Waals and is based in Amsterdam. It was established with the conviction that accurate and state-of-the-art information is essential for healthcare workers worldwide. It takes up the challenge to provide all healthcare workers with access to this information, particularly in those parts of the world most deprived of resources.

By offering blended learning programs, Health[e]Foundation aims to give as many healthcare workers as possible access to information and knowledge that is essential for their daily clinical practice. The courses can be done online, as well as offline, facilitating learning even in the most remote areas.

The distance learning part ensures that all participants can study at their own pace and time, while the combination with short onsite trainings guarantees feedback from experts as well as colleagues. The webportal facilitates communication not only with colleagues from one's own region, but also worldwide. All courses are updated annually, ensuring that all participants have lifelong access to state-of-the-art information.

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