LUCY – smartphone app

About this m-health service

LUCY is a smartphone app for pregnant women and mothers of newborns who are interested in receiving more information about their pregnancy and how to take good care of their newborn baby. LUCY is available for Android and Apple smartphone users, the app is free for use, information is available in English and Dutch and participation is 100% anonymous, meaning that the app does not retain personal data.

Based on either gestational age or age of the newborn, the app provides information relevant to that particular week. The messages contain information about antenatal care visits (including reminders); Water And Sanitation Hygiene (WASH); healthy behavior; healthy nutrition; danger signs; breastfeeding; birth preparedness; family planning; newborn care; danger signs in newborns; postnatal care visits; and vaccines. In addition, (pregnant) women receive information about their own physical development as well as about the fetal development during pregnancy.

All messages are in line with international and national guidelines. Currently, LUCY is being implemented in Suriname where we collaborate with Stichting Perisur. The messages for Suriname have been adapted by experts in Suriname.

Who is the LUCY app for

LUCY informs pregnant women and mothers of newborns about a healthy pregnancy and good start of life for their newborns.  The app supports healthcare workers in their daily work as the app reinforces the healthcare workers’ messages and informs their clients in between antenatal and postnatal visits. 

What does the LUCY app offer

This m-health service offers information via a smartphone app for pregnant women and mothers of newborns about having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. The information is clustered in weeks and includes information during pregnancy as well as the first year of a newborn. 

How the LUCY app works

During their daily practice LUCY is advocated to pregnant women and new mothers by healthcare workers and community health workers. Health[e]Foundation promotes LUCY during blended e-learning training workshops for obstetrics/gynecologist specialists and midwives. 

The impact

Pregnant women and mothers of newborns using the LUCY app are empowered during the most exciting, but also insecure, time of their life. The app informs them about pregnancy and newborn development but also warns them about potential danger signs. This will increase the knowledge of pregnant women and mothers of newborns, enabling them to act when it is needed and make well informed decisions about their own health and health of their baby. 

LUCY is expected to:

  • Increase the adherence to the preferred number of antenatal/postnatal care visits according to national and international guidelines; 
  • Decrease the number of preventable complications during pregnancy / for newborns
  • Increase the vaccination rate of women and babies   
  • Promote healthy nutrition for women during and after pregnancy 
  • Increase the percentage of babies receiving breastfeeding 
  • Increase the percentage  of women using contraceptives for family planning and in case of condoms prevention of STI’s 

The above mentioned impact will contribute to a reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity. 

How to get the LUCY app

The LUCY app can be downloaded via the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore (click the icons to to follow the link): 


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