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Logo Newsletter March 2013
Students in Moshi, Tanzania. Busy learning the e-learning environment on a computer.

A new style, a new newsletter

Welcome to the newsletter new style! The new outline of the newsletter provides a glimpse of the coming new website and e-learning environment. It is the first fresh new surrounding in which we can show off how well we are doing!

Once one plunges into the digital world, it is inevitable to continue to swim as fast as one can to keep up to par with all new IT developments. The new options are coming in like a waterfall never stops flowing, with the advantage that they keep us awake and alert. Those changes are worldwide. We just spent some time in Moshi close to the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, where we trained fifty nurses in Treat n’ Care [e]Education. During the closing workshop we looked at the phones that are currently in use by the participants.

It is safe to say that the days in which people in Africa had more than one SIM card are over, now some even have more than one phone! One for patients and one for family. Moreover, when asking with Turning Point, the wireless voting system, about computer savyness and who owned their own computer or smartphones, it turned out that 66% of the participants indeed possessed a smartphone. It proves that our efforts to transform our e-learning environment into an App for tablets and smartphones are exactly in time to serve all those healthcare providers efficiently with up to date knowledge!

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Latest news

12-04-2013 Health[e]Foundation at Dam tot Damloop 2013!
Once again, Health[e]Foundation participates in the annual Dam tot Damloop in Amsterdam, which takes place on the 22nd of September 2013. Last year, we had 20 motivated runners who put on their running shoes for the organisation, this year we raise the stakes by running with 30 people more. Hence, together with a total of 50 runners, we hope to raise at least €10.000 which will be dedicated to the development of a Community[e]Education project in East-Africa. Read More >

15-04-2013 Laptops and smartphones at HIV training in Rwanda
On March 20th and 21st, two kick-off workshops were organized for doctors and nurses from all over Rwanda. The training took place in the capital Kigali and announced the start of the e-learning courses HIV[e]Education and Treat ‘n Care[e]Education. This training was organized in collaboration with The Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Rwanda (NUR).

What caught the eye during the workshops was the plentitude of computers and smartphones in the room. Compared to 2010, the last time Health[e]Foundation organized an e-learning training in Rwanda, doctors and nurses are much more “connected”. Read more >

16-04-2013 Save the Date for the Health [e]vent 2013
The Health [e]vent 2013 is scheduled for Thursday November 7th, in Hilton Amsterdam. Although spring has just began, we are already thinking about the event in the fall. This is just an announcement, since many people were sorry to miss the event due to an overcrowded agenda at the end of last year. The contesters for the social entrepreneurship challenge are already lining up to become one of the networkers this year. The final three will be introduced in the next newsletter!

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