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Health[e]Foundation's Annual Report 2013

Dear Health[e]Friend,

We are proud to send you Health[e]Foundation's Annual Report 2013!

First we would like to thank you for the support we received last year. We all know many hands make light work. For global health in particular more hands are needed: hands for physical examination to reach a diagnosis, to treat, to write a prescription, to heal and to care. Your helping hand is essential to make the world a healthier place.

Health[e]Foundation trainees are able to better care for their patients in a confident empathic way with their newly acquired knowledge on a USB stick or a tablet at hand. Team training of healthcare providers make that they will better collaborate and are prepared to work hand in hand. Our aim is to train, coach and certify as many participants as possible in resource- limited settings. Our “blended learning” model of combined e-learning with classic classroom style education is labor intensive but it ensures that more than 90% of the Health[e]Foundation participants finishes our courses!

Last year, 1.050 participants received their certificate. If each trainee takes care of 1.500 patients, more than 1,5 million people will receive better care.

Our target is to train 5.000 healthcare providers per year. We can only reach this target in collaboration with partners in the North and the South and with your continuous support.
Health[e]Foundations’ ultimate goal is a better chance of a healthy future for all.

If you prefer to be informed quickly in the three minute annual report you can oversee our vision, mission, results, impact and financial accountability!

best regards,
Fransje van der Waals, executive director
Nadine Pakker, Managing director

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