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Logo Newsletter December 2014

The December newsletter: the day after World AIDS Day!

World AIDS Day, observed December 1 every year, dedicated to raise awareness of AIDS caused by the spread of HIV infection.  We do not only remember the 39 million people that died of AIDS, but also realize problems the 35  million people that live with HIV worldwide encounter.

For many people living with HIV that are on proper treatment it has become a chronic disease, and they live a normal productive life. But not everyone is on the treatment they need,  they their families and their health care workers face a 24/7, year around challenge. Healthefoundation is supporting them in this task by training health care workers in the most recent antiretroviral developments and giving the best care possible in any circumstances.

This year on World AIDS day we are busy preparing for three workshops in December. We will train in Cameroon, Malawi and Uganda thanks to generous funding from Porticus foundation, Liberty foundation and Janssen pharmaceuticals we can train this month alone 200 health care workers in Africa!

December 2014

200 guests enjoying the music, the food, the magician, and the funny nurses attended the yearly November charity of the foundation.
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Jamaica training
To be able organize a training of 100 health care workers within two months requires a smooth and efficient local organization. On Jamaica, the island that reminds most people of reggae music, there are these gems that are able to get things together and motivate others to collaborate. Read more

Health[e]families in Rwanda
In Rwanda, a new program called Health[e]families was launched with a group of very excited participants! The course was offered both in French and English. Read more


Workshops Mental health and HIV[e]Education in Uganda
At the end of October 50 nurses and doctors were trained in Uganda. The kick-off workshop for HIV and Mental Health took place on 30th October 2014 in Lubowa, Kampala. Read more

Kick-off workshop in Ifakara, Tanzania
On the 25th of November we initiated a new collaboration in Ifakara, Tanzania. Ifakara is a small rural town in the Kilombero District in South Central Tanzania. In total 25 healthcare workers from the Ifakara Health Institute and St. Francis hospital participated in the kick-off workshop.
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Closing workshop in Mbeya
After the workshop in Ifakara we travelled to Mbeya were we had a wonderful closing workshop with the group of participants who started the Treat’n Care[e]Education course in July. Read more
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