We offer education and information services that use digital on- and offline learning methods. We tailor e-courses and m-health information tools to the specific needs of the target group and their situation. Our participants include adolescents, pregnant mothers, community workers, medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

We believe that by engaging different target groups using a variety of digital tools we can stimulate interaction, understanding and impact. Healthcare and community workers can share what they have learned with the communities, while, at the same time, promoting the community information tools within their clientele. The community, in their turn, will be better informed and use the health system in a more cognizant and efficient way.

Learning approaches

Health[e]Foundation supports an extensive learning curriculum for healthcare; and community health workers offered as a blended-learning program that combine workshops with distance-based e-learning. Generally, programs start with a kick-off workshop, followed by a self-study period, and a follow-up workshop, but the training model can be adjusted to meet the training group's needs.

The training curriculum can also be accessed as an e-learning course for participants who prefer to study online without face-to-face workshops. Individuals can register for an individual account here.
Certificates for e-courses are co-signed by the University of Amsterdam; Academic Medical Centre.

The kick-off workshop is organized for 25-50 participants, consisting of different cadres of (healthcare) professionals. Local experts are invited as guest speakers to ensure context-specific coverage of topics and to facilitate interaction and networking. Each participant receives a personal username and password combination. During the workshop, participants have time to familiarize themselves with the e-learning device, platform and training course.

Following the kick-off workshop, participants start working on the e-modules. Our e-courses are hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS) that supports the evaluation of individual learning curves via pre- and post-test results. Course content is aligned to the cultural context, including international and national guidelines. Participants can study the course online via the internet; on- and offline on their smartphone; or fully offline through a USB stick or a tablet with pre-installed content.

During the follow-up workshop, key topics are addressed in a collaborative setting. The agenda includes lectures by local guest speakers; interactive case discussions; and individual and group exercises focusing on the needs and day-to-day practice of the healthcare workers. Knowledge gain is evaluated; and the training course is extensively monitored and evaluated. Participants who passed the e-modules and attended the workshop will receive a certificate co-signed by the University of Amsterdam – Academic Medical Centre.

Continuous (Medical) Education is supported as participants have livelong access to the e-learning platform and courses are regularly updated by the respective authors. Participants are also motivated to conduct additional courses available in our curriculum.

In addition, learning for communities is supported by our m-health solutions offering information services via a variety of m-health technologies.

We never work alone when developing and implementing courses and services. Health[e]Foundation has a global network of experts who write and update the content of the modules. To enhance sustainability and maintain local support, Health[e]Foundation forms cooperative partnerships with local, well-established organizations and stakeholders in countries where it works. Check out the list of partners and read more about how you can partner with us!