Contract services

Developing online or offline (blended) learning solutions can be challenging and time consuming. Health[e]Foundation is experienced in building and implementing learning solutions and offers services for design, development, implementation and/or evaluation of learning solutions.

We design and develop a complete e-learning course or m-health service in collaboration with third parties and our extended network of content experts. The course will be developed according to the needs – never losing sight of the participants’ learning experience and requirements.

Our online e-learning platform is available to host e-course for internet-connected participants. For regions or situations in which internet access is limited, we also offer offline digital learning using USB stick and/or tablet.

We have in-house capacity to create educational solutions using international standardized e-learning software including functionalities based on Opensource technology.

Our expert project management team can advise how to best implement an e-learning course on line and onsite, and how to motivate and guide your participants through their course.

Interested in developing or organizing an e-learning program or m-health service with our help? Contact us!