Digital Learning Solutions

Are you looking for a digital learning partner to convert your traditional learning methods into an online or blended training? We create modern, didactic and easy to use e-learning courses! Interested to learn how Health[e]Foundation can create digital learning that can work for your organization and your clients? Find out more about our digital learning solutions via our online demo or contact Dr. Nadine Pakker directly for more information.

E-learning is a powerful tool to build capacity, even in the most resource-limited areas. E-learning is proven to be more flexible, effective, and efficient than traditional learning methods.[1]

However, developing online or a combination of online and offline (blended) learning solutions can be challenging and time-consuming. If you are interested in creating a meaningful and interactive e-learning curriculum but you do not have the time or knowledge how to do this, our experts at Health[e]Foundation are ready for you.

The advantages of e-learning compared to traditional learning:

  • Cost efficiency: 25-35% reduction in costs
  • Effective: knowledge gain of learners is twice as high
  • Flexibility: learning anytime and anywhere

Health[e]Foundation is experienced in building and implementing blended learning solutions and offers services for curriculum development, e-conversion, implementation, and/or evaluation of learning solutions.

Our e-learnings are specifically designed for training in remote settings with limited or no internet connectivity and are user-friendly and accessible for all!

Digital learning solutions that meet your needs

Our expert team is ready to advise, develop, and implement digital learning solutions that meet your needs. We use the open-source learning platform Moodle to host e-courses that are accessible without the use of the internet on various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. The learning platform supports participant administration, enables to track participants' progress and completion, and create detailed reports and analytics for monitoring and evaluation purposes. The content of the e-learnings we create is engaging, efficient, attractive, modern-day with a lot of media, quizzes, and interactivity. We use the authoring tool Articulate Rise for this. A huge advantage of this tool is 100% responsiveness and adaptiveness to any kind of device which is extremely important in our multi-device learning approach. 

We develop a highly flexible learning environment, providing a personalized platform that supports sustainable solutions and promotes ownership and easy access to course materials for our partners and participants.

Our digital learning solutions for your organization

Health[e]Foundation provides guidance, design, and implementation of engaging, accessible, and flexible e-learning courses in collaboration with third parties. Content can be provided by you, but we can also reach out to our extended network of content experts. The courses are developed according to the participants' needs’ – never losing sight of the participants’ learning experience and requirements.

Health[e]Foundation can provide digital solutions in the whole process of e-learning development, from curriculum development to monitoring and evaluation. Three packages are available: light, standard, and premium.

The e-courses we develop offer:

  • Offline functionalities: suitable for remote settings
  • Usability on any device: 100% responsive
  • Engaging content: media, quizzes, exercises, and videos
  Light Standard Premium
E-conversion of content      
Course implementation on Health[e]Foundation platform      
Maintenance and support      
Curriculum development -    
Monitoring and evaluation -    
Course implementation on customized platform - -  

[1] Henning, P. A., & Schnur, A. (2009). Elearning in Continuing Medical Education: A Comparison of Knowledge Gain and Learning Efficiency. Journal of Medical Marketing.