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Psychological symptoms are common in HIV positive patients. A high proportion of all HIV infected people suffer from one or more psychological symptoms during the course of the infection. Psychological complaints are not always properly recognized by the general practitioner, HIV counselor and patient, which leads to under diagnosis and under treatment. This course highlights common psychological complaints such as depressive symptoms and depression, personality disorders, sexual and relationship problems, excessive alcohol and drug use, and anxiety symptoms. This course is designed for HIV counselors and general practitioners to highlight the need for better psychological diagnoses and to increase their knowledge of psychological issues in people living with HIV.

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This course was especially developed for general practitioners and HIV counselors in the Netherlands.

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The course includes topics as the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of HIV and psychological complaints; and interventions that target behavioral problems. With this course, you will gain knowledge about the important relationship between HIV and psychological issues, and the consequences for the prognosis and treatment of the HIV infection. You will be able to recognize psychological problems; and be aware of the treatment and referral options. You will gain more insight into own thoughts and feelings towards HIV positive patients with psychological problems.

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Judith de Lange
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Subject HIV and mental health
Target group General practitioners and HIV counselors in the Netherlands
Commitment 12.0 hours
Number of modules 8
Languages Dutch
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