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About this course

Treat ‘n Care[e]Education was written to provide healthcare workers with complete and up-to-date information on all aspects of the treatment and care of patients with HIV/AIDS. It covers topics about HIV prevention and diagnosis; and the treatment of people with HIV/AIDS.

Who is this course for?

HIV[e]Education was especially written for medical professionals working in practices where HIV prevention and diagnosis, and the treatment of HIV infected patients play an important role. Healthcare workers who could benefit from this course include nurses, counselors and pharmacists.

What you will learn

The course contains 15 modules on HIV/AIDS written by renowned experts. After completing the Treat ‘n Care[e]Education course, you are up-to-date on all aspects involved in the prevention, care and treatment of people with HIV/AIDS. The course will empower you to improve the quality of the care that you give to your patients. It will support you to understand the tests and diagnoses; and to counsel and people living with HIV. You will become more knowledgeable and promote the continuum of care. You will be more aware of mental health problems, stigma and discrimination that can disrupt the continuity of care for HIV infected people.

What you get

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The following mentor will support you during your self-study period:

Alyanne Boon

Alyanne Boon
Project manager

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Subject Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV
Target group Nurses, counselors and pharmacists
Commitment 22.5 hours
Number of modules 17
Languages English, French
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LIC €50
MIC €150
HIC €250


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