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Before you learn how to help mothers, you need to understand why breastfeeding is important, and what its benefits are. Breastfeeding is the normal, healthy way to feed a baby. It is exactly what the baby needs after birth to grow and develop a strong immune system. Artificial feeding carries risks, and a child who is artificially fed (for example, on infant formula or cow’s or another animal’s milk) is at a disadvantage. You need to know the differences between breast milk, animal milks, and infant formula; and the risks of artificial feeding.

Who is this course for?

Breastfeeding[e]Education is especially written for medical professionals working in practices where healthcare for (expectant) mothers and children plays an important role. Medical professionals such as midwives, nurses, gynecologists, obstetricians, general practitioners, and health officers may benefit from the course, but health community workers, health extension workers and other related professionals may also find it useful.

What you will learn

The course contains 15 modules about breastfeeding and its importance. The modules are written in accordance with the WHO and UNICEF international guidelines on breastfeeding.
After completing the Breastfeeding[e]Education course, participants should be able to:

  • List the advantages of exclusive breastfeeding for six months;
  • Describe the differences between breast milk, animal milk, and infant formula;
  • List the advantages of continued breastfeeding with complementary feeding for up to two years or beyond;
  • List the risks of artificial feeding;
  • Define the terms used to describe infant feeding;
  • Explain the recommendations for optimal infant and young child feeding.

What you get

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Judith de Lange

Judith de Lange
Project manager

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Subject Breastfeeding
Target group Midwives, nurses, health community workers and other related professions.
Commitment 22.5 hours
Number of modules 17
Languages English, Indonesian
Price (in Euros) Full course access:
LIC €25
MIC €100
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