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Client management[e]Education (case management) is a program that has been developed to educate personnel working in organizations that help people in difficult situations, for example by solving (or preventing) medical, social, psychological and legal problems. Client management may be used to assist people with various diseases; people with disabilities; people who have broken the law; and other vulnerable populations.

Who is this course for?

Client management[e]Education was especially written for organizations providing HIV services.

What you will learn

The course contains six modules on client management, which have been written by the AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW). After completing the Client management[e]Education course, you should be able to:

  • Assist individual organizations offering HIV services to learn the basics of client management in the prevention of HIV infection.
  • Explain the purpose, objectives and principles of client management.
  • Provide information on the role of a social workers and the actions required at each stage of the client management process.
  • Share examples of advice that can be given to clients during client management.

What you get

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Your mentor

The following mentor will support you during your self-study period:

Deborah Maufi

Deborah Maufi
Project Manager

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Subject Client management
Target group Health workers who provide HIV services
Commitment 15.0 hours
Number of modules 7
Languages English, Russian
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LIC €15
MIC €25
HIC €50


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