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Community health workers (CHWs) have an important role in sensitizing the community to healthcare issues, and play a key role in primary healthcare. The Health[e]Community course enhances CHWs’ knowledge and skills about how to inform and motivate their community about a healthy start in life. Theoretical information about topics such as maternal, newborn and adolescent health are combined with modules on skills such as facilitation, communication and planning.

Who is this course for?

Community health workers.

What you will learn

The course consists of 14 modules. Methodological modules, such as program planning and facilitation skills, are provided. The majority of modules are practical but they also include the theoretical background to the topics. Activities can be used to facilitate sessions with community members. Step by-step instructions to carry out each activity are included in the module.
The training program covers: communication; healthy nutrition; feeding a baby; breast care; looking after a sick baby; and topics related to life skills, sexual and reproductive health and rights, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), addictions, substance abuse and gender. With your new knowledge and skills, you can better support your community members.

What you get

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“I changed the way in which I speak and give information to the community because this course influenced how to send information."

How it works

Your mentor

The following mentor will support you during your self-study period:

Judith de Lange

Judith de Lange
Project manager

Community Adolescents Maternal health Child health Life skills Prevention Sexual and reproductive health

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Subject Maternal, newborn & adolescent health
Target group Community health workers
Commitment 21.0 hours
Number of modules 8
Languages English, Kinyarwanda
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LIC €50
MIC €150
HIC €250


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