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The Ebola[e]Education course is developed to provide all healthcare workers with free access to comprehensive information on the Ebola virus. The first version of the module was written by Dr Jerald Sadoff (JnJ) in 2014 and is updated in 2019 by Dr Galit Alter. The course consist of one module, which provides information on the history of the Ebola virus, diagnosis and treatment. In addition the module covers topics such as transmission pathways and vaccines.

Who is this course for?

All healthcare workers have free online access to this course.

What you will learn

The module is written to understand more about the Ebola virus: How it spreads, how it can be controlled, the clinical symptoms and current and potential treatment.

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Alyanne Boon

Alyanne Boon
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Infectious diseases Clinical

Client management[e]Education Female&Family[e]Education
Subject Ebola virus
Target group Healthcare workers
Number of modules 1
Languages English
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