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About this course

The Health[e]Living program was developed for community workers, educators, social workers and peer-educators working with adolescents. The e-learning modules enhance and update your knowledge and skills to provide basic health, life skills and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) education for adolescents and young people. Although the modules can be studied independently, the topics are interconnected, which means that you will benefit most from studying all of them.

Who is this course for?

Community workers, educators, social workers and peer-educators who work closely with adolescents.

What you will learn

The e-learning program consists of 13 modules written by renowned experts. After completing the Health[e]Education course, you should be able to:

  • Facilitate a training session/activity for a group of adolescents.
  • Understand the theory behind behavior change and motivation.
  • Understand communication, relationships and decision making skills.
  • Explain the meaning of adolescence and puberty, and discuss both the physical and emotional changes that occur during adolescence.
  • Know how to promote a healthy diet to adolescents.
  • Understand and be able to explain the differences between gender identity and biological sex.
  • Know and be able to explain how adolescents can have safe sex.
  • Understand the different sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, and explain to adolescents how to protect themselves from becoming infected with a STI.
  • Describe common substances and drugs of abuse among adolescents.
  • Understand how to make your work safe for children and young people.

What you get

Join the course and you will receive:

  • A personal account to access the e-learning platform
  • Lifelong access to the course
  • Modules written by renowned experts
  • Additional information in guidelines, references, videos and figures
  • Interactive test questions and exams
  • Test score overview
  • Support via an e-tutor
  • A certificate

How it works

Your mentor

The following mentor will support you during your self-study period:

Daphne Elberse

Daphne Elberse
Project manager

Adolescents health Sexual and reproductive health and rights

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Subject Life skills, sexual and reproductive health and rights
Target group Community workers, educators, social workers and peer-educators working with adolescents
Commitment 19.5 hours
Number of modules 12
Languages English
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