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About this course

In 2016, CBPR[e]Education was developed by Health[e]Foundation and AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW) International to motivate and train community-based organizations and researchers to use new and relevant interventions to address public health concerns with the involvement of the community. Research findings can be used to stimulate social change and improve the wellbeing of the community. Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) has gained popularity as a new approach for researchers who are designing and doing research. CBPR is based on the concept that it is important to involve the community, organizational representatives and participant researchers throughout the research process; and aims to improve the communities’ health and quality of life.

Who is this course for?

The course is especially designed for community-based organizations and community based researchers. This course was initially developed for participants in Eastern Europa and Central Asia, but is also for aspiring community-based research in other regions.

What you will learn

The e-learning program consists of seven modules on methods, analysis, and ethics. It includes pre-and post-tests, exercises and examples. You will be equipped with knowledge, tools and resources to design and conduct CBPR. You will be able to use research findings to stimulate social change to improve the wellbeing of your community.

What you get

Join the course and you will receive:

  • A personal account to access the e-learning platform
  • Lifelong access to the course
  • Modules written by renowned experts
  • Additional information in guidelines, references, videos and figures
  • Interactive test questions and exams
  • Test score overview
  • Support via an e-tutor
  • A certificate

“This course was useful. Especially during conducting research this course helps us define next steps and it is a guide on how to conduct research.”

How it works

Your mentor

The following mentor will support you during your self-study period:



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Subject Research
Target group Community based researchers
Commitment 10.5 hours
Number of modules 7
Languages English, Russian
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