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About this project

This e-learning project started in March 2018. Using several websites, mailings lists and social media pages, the course was promoted to recruit newcomers with a medial or social background. On the start date, all of the participants who had signed up for the course received instructions and a group code to register themselves for their personal account. They also received information about the course. Using the personal account, they could log in to the platform and access the course. The participants had seven weeks to finish the five e-learning modules and the pre- and post-tests. At the start of each week, they received an e-mail to motivate them to work on the modules and to inform them about the project. During the self-study period, participants were encouraged to interact with peers and to seek e-tutor support via their personalized e-learning account or email. After seven weeks, the participants who passed the course received a certificate and completed an evaluation questionnaire. Telephone interviews were conducted to evaluate the project. All participants have life-long access to the course. Participants who had not yet finished the course were motivated to continue with the e-learning. The e-learning course is freely accessible for everyone on our online platform.

Who is this project for

Newcomers (former refugees) who have a medical or social work background.

Aim of the project

This project aimed to increase the knowledge of 65 newcomers about:

  • the Dutch healthcare system, in order to promote their integration into this system as healthcare workers.
  • health risks among refugees and how these are addressed in the Dutch healthcare system.

The project focuses on topics such as communication within a healthcare setting, mental health, resilience and health of refugee children and sexual and reproductive health. Their new knowledge enables these former refugees to advise other newcomers about accessing help and care in the Netherlands.

The project aimed to train 65 newcomers.

Project activities

  • E-learning course: Health[e]Refugees

Results of the project

Almost 50% of the participants successfully finished the course within the seven week period. They gained knowledge and, on average, scored 28% higher in the post-test of the modules compared to the pre-test. Reasons why participants did not finish the course within the project period included: too busy doing a language course; and too many worries. In the evaluation, 80% of participants said that the course fulfilled their expectations; and 90% stated that the level of the content was exactly right and they would recommend the course to others.

At the end of this project, the Health[e]Refugees e-learning course was freely available on our website. Read more about the course and how to access it for free here.

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Care for refugees





Target group

Newcomers with a medical or social background

Course / service

Health[e]Refugees course

Learning method

Online group learning

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Project Manager Annemijn Blok-Versteeg