Project details / HIV Treat’n Care[e]Education in Rwanda

About this project

After implementing this training in 2013 in Rwanda, Health[e]Foundation returned in 2017 to train two new groups of participants. The blended training model was used to implement the courses: HIV[e]Education and Treat’n Care[e]Education. Using both e-learning courses enabled us to reach a mixed target group. This enhanced multidisciplinary team work and increased each person’s understanding of other people’s work and responsibilities. The training group consisted of 116 participants.

The courses used the blended learning model with workshops and e-learning. During the self-study period, participants studied the e-learning modules on a USB stick or online, and were encouraged to interact with peers and to seek e-tutor support via their personalized e-learning account and email. Our country representative, Marie Michele Umulisa, motivated and guided the participants via telephone contact and WhatsApp groups. The modules in the e-learning courses and in-depth guest lectures during the workshops covered topics which gave insights into the prevention of HIV, as well as the treatment and care of patients infected with HIV. Various interactive assignments and exercises were used to enhance the communication and counseling skills of the participants.

During the workshops, participants had to discuss a clinical case and complete the AIDS Attitude Scale to test how their clinical knowledge and attitude towards patients living with HIV/AIDS had improved. The course was accredited by the Rwanda Medical and Dental Council for the medical doctors who successfully completed the course. Focus group discussions and evaluation questionnaires were used to evaluate the project.

Who is this project for

Medical doctors and nurses were selected from centers and hospitals throughout the whole country to stimulate the spread of knowledge in all regions. The majority of the group were healthcare workers who had acted as mentors and the rest were interns. The aim was to enhance knowledge at different levels in the healthcare institutions.

Aim of the project

The overall aim of the project is to improve the quality of care provided to HIV/AIDS patients. The project updates healthcare workers about all aspects of HIV prevention, as well as the care and treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS. It will support healthcare workers to independently test people for HIV; diagnose HIV infection; counsel HIV positive people; and prescribe antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV. Healthcare workers will become more knowledgeable and promote the continuum of care. They will also become more aware of mental health problems, stigma and discrimination that can disrupt the continuity of care for HIV infected persons. Healthcare workers are encouraged to share their knowledge with their colleagues and to network with the other healthcare workers in the group.

Project activities

  • Workshops: one-day kick-off workshop and a two-day follow-up workshop for each training program.
  • E-learning course: HIV[e]Education and Treat’n Care[e]Education, including an epidemiology model about the status of HIV and treatment in Rwanda.

Organization and partners

This project was organized in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health Rwanda. Designated persons within the ministry made a careful selection of participants, to ensure that the healthcare workers came from different hospitals and centers, and included personnel from different levels in the organizations. Dr. Diane Gashumba, Minister of Health, enabled Health[e]Foundation to contact the right people at the Rwanda Biomedical Center to invite experts in the field to write the epidemiology module and give guest presentations at the workshops. Dr. Stephen Rulisa from the University of Rwanda coordinated the course approval for CME credits. Our country representative, Marie Michele Umulisa, arranged all the logistics; provided support during the e-learning period and the workshops; and was always available to answer questions from participants.

Results of the project

115 participants successfully completed the course. The average knowledge increase for all modules was 14%. The amount of good answers about the clinical case increased by 16% and healthcare workers’ attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS was positively influenced. The outcomes of the focus group discussions and daily evaluations confirmed that the participants were very positive about the course.

The success rate and the positive opinion of the participants towards the course confirm that blended-learning is a very effective method to train healthcare workers in Rwanda. The cooperative and valuable collaboration with the Ministry of Health Rwanda made everyone involved highly motivated to turn this successful experience into a sustainable collaboration through which many more healthcare workers will be able to increase their knowledge and skills.

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Target group

Medical doctors and nurses

Course / service

HIV[e]Education course & Treat’n Care[e]Education course

Learning method

Blended group learning

Financed by

ViiV Healthcare


Ministry of Health Rwanda

Project Manager Judith de Lange
Country representative

Marie Michele Umulisa