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About this project

Since 2010, Health[e]Foundation has provided an annual Health[e]Living 4 Schools training to 10th grade students (age 15-16 years) at the American School of The Hague (ASH) in Wassenaar. Every May, three to five Health[e]Living 4 Schools training sessions are held at ASH: 90-100 students are trained each year. Each session lasts 90 minutes. Sessions consist of interactive presentations, (group) discussions and activities.

Who is this project for

Community workers, educators, social workers and peer-educators who work with adolescents.

Aim of the project

Students learn about social emotional aspects of (sexual) relationships. Each year, the specific objectives are defined by the biology teachers from ASH in collaboration with the Health[e]Foundation project manager. Topics include: communication skills; informed decision making and negotiation skills in relation to (on- and offline) relationships; bodies and sex; safe sex and the risks of unsafe sex; gender (in)equality; and social media behavior.

Project activities

  • Workshops: 90 minute sessions with interactive presentations, (group) discussions and activities

Organization and partners

Health[e]Foundation provides Health[e]Living 4 Schools training sessions for students of the American School of The Hague in Wassenaar. Each year, the program is designed and evaluated by Health[e]Foundation and The American School of The Hague, working in close collaboration.

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Life skills, prevention, SRHR




2010 - (ongoing)

Target group

High school students

Learning method


Financed by

The American School of the Hague


The American School of the Hague

Project Manager Myrna Derksen