Meet the team

The organizational culture within Health[e]Foundation is an open and positively driven atmosphere with a serious commitment to improving healthcare, especially in resource-limited settings. It is a small, flexible organization, with good contacts internally, as well as externally, with authors, local academia and institutes.

We make an effort to establish strong lines of communication between our staff and collaborators. To enhance sustainability and maintain local support, Health[e]Foundation seeks cooperative partnerships with local, well-established organizations and stakeholders in the countries where it is active.

Prof. dr. Fransje van der Waals
Creative & Executive Director

Nadine Pakker
Managing Director

Myrna Derksen
Project Manager

Renée van Hoof
Project Manager

Vera Jamin
Project Manager

Judith de Lange
Project Manager

Marcellino Santoso
IT Manager & Webmaster

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