Blended learning


Health[e]Foundation offers several blended learning programs with different areas of focus, such as HIV/AIDS, pediatric HIV, Tuberculosis, Mental Health and Sexual and Reproductive health. The blended learning program starts with a kick-off workshop, followed by a three month self-study period including pre- and post-tests, and a follow-up workshop. During the self-study period participants are encouraged to interact with their peers through the participant portal and to seek e-tutor support through their personalized e-learning account. The training period is followed by certification and continuous medical education through annual updates of the course content.

Kick-off workshop

Each training starts with a kick-off workshop to introduce the participants to Health[e]Foundation, the concept of blended-learning and familiarize them with accessing the course via the USB stick. Each participant receives a personal username, password and an USB stick and/or tablet containing the complete e-learning course. All workshops are designed to be as interactive as possible, through interactive presentations, electronic quizzes, ice-breakers and discussion sessions.


Every course consists of self-study modules written by renowned experts in the field. Each module starts with a pre-test and ends with a post-test to evaluate the learning curve. The course includes a local epidemiology module, clinical cases, references, a glossary and videos. Besides the theoretical modules, country specific and international guidelines are also available in the course. The course can be done online and offline via a USB stick or tablet.

Follow-up workshop

After the three-month self-study, participants gather again for a follow-up workshop. This workshop addresses key topics of the course in a collaborative setting, with local experts as guest speakers. The agenda is programmed with lectures, interactive clinical case discussions, and individual and group exercises that are focused on the needs and local circumstances of the healthcare workers.

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