Health[e]Living project South Africa

The AIDS pandemic presents a serious threat in South Africa. Given the severe shortage of human resources in the healthcare sector, community workers play an important role in providing health education, provision of primary health care, community empowerment and the fight against HIV/AIDS. Health[e]Foundation developed Health[e]Living, a blended learning program that aims to train community workers in viable facilitation skills and knowledge which they use to teach their communities about various topics like prevention of HIV, addiction, sexuality and gender.

The Health[e]Living program in South Africa is a program developed with the support of MKI. The program aimed to increase young people’s knowledge, skills and values regarding a healthy life style which will assist them to protect themselves and others in a range of risk taking situations. Through the Health[e]Living program, community workers and educators have learned viable facilitation skills and knowledge which they can use to teach others and improve the life skills of young people in their communities. 

After the first pilot groups, the Health[e]Living program was adapted to the local circumstances in the beginning of 2015. This new approach of the program (including creating a specific target group, updates and adaptations content-wise, adjustments in on-site trainings and adding of extra material on site) showed to be fruitful in terms of passing-rate as well as their outreach within communities. From 2014-2016, together with the Desmond Tutu HIV foundation and Ndlovu Care Group a total number of 250 educators and community workers were trained in South Africa. They educated over 7,000 adolescents.

Participants indicated that overall they had a good experience using the program and that the course was well structured, interactive, and most important of great help during their work as a community healthcare worker or facilitator:

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I've learned a lot and I’m going to use it through my life and work.”
(Quote participant Health[e]Living, Cape Town - 2015)