Basic Occupational Health Services


Physical, ergonomic, chemical, biological and psychosocial hazards may affect the workers’ health and may lead to accidents or occupational and work-related diseases. These should be prevented and, when this is not possible, they should be diagnosed early and treated. In order to do so, surveillance of the work environment and the workers’ health is necessary, together with education of the managers and the workers. The Basic Occupational Health Services[e]Education training program consists of 7 modules and provides information on occupational health issues, with a special focus on primary health care principles for workers who are underserved.

Key topics

The modules focus on surveillance of work environments and workers’ health, risk assessment, health education and promotion, prevention of occupational health hazards and accidents, maintenance of work ability, rehabilitation of occupational of work-related diseases.

Target group

All healthcare workers



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The Basic Occupational Health Services are an application of occupational health by means of primary health care principles for workers who are underserved.