Online learning

Health[e]Foundation has an integrated online eLearning platform that allows participants to follow a program with an online kick-off, 3 months eLearning and an online follow-up. The online kick-off involves a visual introduction to Health[e]Foundation, the course and eLearning. It allows the participants to register and complete baseline evaluations of clinical and theoretical knowledge prior to starting the course. The eLearning period will involve greater online interaction via e-forums and the e-tutor.

The online follow-up involves the re-administration of evaluations forms to determine clinical and theoretical knowledge gain. The course content and online platform will be evaluated by participants, and there will be opportunities to learn more via group discussions and online presentations from local experts. After successful completion of the course participants will receive a certificate.

Online learning can be delivered via computers, smartphones and tablets. Thus taking advantage of changing social patterns and technological developments.


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