What We Do

Health[e]Foundation offers a wide range of training programs for healthcare professionals on topics such as HIV/AIDS, pediatric HIV, Tuberculosis, mental health, basic occupational health, cardiovascular diseases and the care of the neonate as well as preventive programs on sexual and reproductive health. Our training programs can be followed at three intensity levels, via blended learning, online group learning and online individual learning.

Blended learning concept

Health[e]Foundation offers several blended learning programs for groups of healthcare professionals. Blended learning programs start with a kick-off workshop, followed by a three-month period of self-study ie e-learning, including pre- and post-tests, the training program ends with a follow-up workshop on site.

Online group learning

Health[e]Foundation has an integrated online e-learning platform that allows groups of participants to follow our programs completely online. Each program starts with an online kick-off, followed by three months of e-learning and an online follow-up meeting. The online kick-off involves a visual introduction to Health[e]Foundation, the course and e-learning method. The on line follow-up meeting includes re- evaluations of the program as well as a series of lectures.

Online individual learning

Of course we will enable individuals to follow one or more of our training programs completely online as well! Have a look at the courses and see which one fits your needs and interest!

Training programs

Below you can find a listing of our courses. We offer modules and courses that are permanently or temporarily open and free for all to access. Besides that you can purchase access to our premium courses.

Free modules and courses

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Premium courses

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Long-term projects

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