Psychosocial Refugee Care[e]Education


Psychosocial Refugee Care[e]Education is developed in 2016. This program of Health[e]Foundation as a reaction to the devastating situation in Syria, causing many to flee their country in search for a safer places. In many EU countries of entry health facilities are under strain. Global Health education is needed for these regions, with a particular focus on the health risks that affect immigrants. The aim of this course is to inform on mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of Syrians affected by armed conflict and displacement, both within Syria and in countries hosting refugees from Syria.

Key topics

This Psychosocial Refugee Care[e]Education course concentrates on the mental health problems Syrian refugees are facing today. It will provide healthcare professionals with background information and help them to adequately recognize mental health problems, and if needed refer to the right support system. The course is offered as an e-learning course including 4 modules, guidelines and references, video’s and test questions.

Target group

All healthcare workers and other professionals have unlimited free access to the course.



Access to the course

Psychosocial Refugee Care[e]Education is a free available course. Register here to gain access to the free courses.