Health[e]Living 4 Schools


Health[e]Living 4 Schools focuses on strengthening life-skills to empower young adolescents by addressing topics such as safe sex, STI’s, love & relationships, communication and negotiation skills. Students will learn about social emotional aspects of (sexual) relationships with themselves and with others. The program aims to increase young people’s knowledge, skills and values regarding a healthy life style which will assist them to protect themselves and others in a range of risk taking situations.

Content of the program

The workshop is divided into four sessions. Please note that sections can be added and adjusted according to the school’s or center’s preferences.

Part 1: Introduction with provocative starter

Part 2: Communication and decision making

Part 3: Relationships, falling in love and personal differences (including sexting and grooming)

Part 4: Safe sex and STIs

Part 5: (Female) Condom workshop: demonstration and practice

Part 6: Closing, summary, time for questions and evaluation

The workshop typically takes 90 minutes.

Target group

Groups of adolescents between 12 and 16 years old (max. 30 per session) in Dutch or English speaking schools or community centers. Program can be adjusted to younger or older age groups.


Dutch and/or English