News / Goodbye Tirza and Hello Vera

As some people go, others may stay. This is also true for the Health[e]Foundation team.

After working for almost three years at Health[e]Foundation, Tirza de Lange is pursuing a new career in promoting the training at BCG. We congratulate her on her new job, but she will be missed! Tirza was able to make any project into a success, she has worked on several projects all over the world. She was responsible for Treat and Care and HIV[e]Education to train healthcare workers in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, the Bahamas and more. But most of all, Tirza succeeded in starting up the Health[e]Families project in Ethiopia last year.

Since she is no longer working for Health[e]Foundation, a new collegue Vera Jamin has made her entree in the team and will continue with the Ethiopia project together with Lisa Gullbransson. Vera already wrote her master thesis for Health[e]Foundation last year and joined Tirza to Ethiopia together. She has a bachelor degree in nursing and a master degree in global health and is looking forward to start her career at Health[e]Foundation! We wish both Tirza and Vera all the best with their new jobs!