EUR-HUMAN: PHC for refugees


The international refugee crisis reached a critical point and many European countries are developing policies and plans to define their role in supporting refugees entering Europe. In response, the EUropean Refugees-HUman Movement and Advisory Network (EUR-HUMAN) has started in 2016 to enhance the capacity of European member states that accept migrants and refugees to address their health needs; safeguard them from risks; and minimize cross-border health risks. An e-learning course for primary healthcare providers is one of the tools that has been developed within this project. The main objective is to build the capacity of primary healthcare providers in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece and Croatia and close knowledge gaps about the various issues involved in providing primary healthcare for refugees/asylum seekers and other recently arrived migrants in the EU member states.

Key topics

The e-learning course is based on the outcomes of different work packages of the EUR-HUMAN project, including the results of qualitative research that addressed the refugees’ health needs, views and experiences with healthcare; a review of previous research, as well as a comprehensive collection of tools and guidelines for the optimal primary health care of refugees. The course is composed of an introduction module and seven theoretical modules on subjects such as acute diseases, legal issues, provider-patient interaction, mental health, sexual and reproductive health, child health, chronic diseases and health promotion. The content of this course is written by respected experts in the field; these efforts were coordinated by the Medical University of Vienna.

Target group

Primary healthcare providers


German, Italian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Greek and Croatian.

Access to course

EUR-HUMAN: PHC for refugees is a free available course. Register here to gain access to the free courses.