1st-line psychological care (ex-)refugees (NL)


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Due to war and conflict, the number of refugees has increased immensely in recent years, part of which is granted a (temporary) residence permit in the Netherlands.
The situation in the country of origin, flight and arrival in a new country can have a major impact on the psychological health of these people. A part of this group experiences posttraumatic complaints, it is important that symptoms are recognized and correctly interpreted in 1st-line care, whereby cultural factors and differences must be taken into account. Arq Academy, the training institute of the Arq Psychotrauma Expert group, and Health[e]Foundation joined forces and offer the training '1st-line psychological care (ex-)refugees'.

After the training

  • participants can recognize and interpret symptoms of psychotrauma (including PTSD) among (ex-) refugees;
  • participants have knowledge about cultural factors on post-traumatic complaints;
  • the participants know referral possibilities and can apply 1st-line interventions

Key topics

The training consists of two e-learning modules and a workshop to support 1st-line health care workers and provides them with background information and tools for recognizing and interpreting post-traumatic complaints among (ex-) refugees and other non-Western patients in primary care practice. The e-learning contains 2 modules: 'Provider-patient interaction' and 'Mental health', which take on average 1.5 hours of study time per module. The modules include the theoretical knowledge which you will use during the workshop. You will have 3 weeks to complete the e-learning modules prior to the workshop. The 'Post-traumatic complaints of refugees' workshop provides information, stimulates exchange and offers the opportunity to practice under the guidance of professionals. Topics such as PTSD, cultural formulation interview and interventions are discussed and there is time to practice the acquired skills.

Target group

General practitioners, POH-GGZ and other public health professionals in the Netherlands.


Accreditation is requested at:

  • General practitioners (ABC1 / ABAN, 5 points)
  • POH-GGZ (LV POH-GGZ, 5 points)
  • Professionals working in international healthcare (NVTG, 5 points)



Access to the course

You can register until 10 September via the following link on the Arq Academy website. Registration 'Training 1st-line psychological care (ex)refugees' (at the bottom of the page).  After registration, you will receive the invoice. When payment is received, you will receive the link to the e-learning in mid-September and the invitation to the workshop on 3 October. The training will be organized when at least 10 participants registered. If the number of participants is not sufficient, you will receive your money back.

Practical information:
Start e-learning: 12 September 2018
Date workshop: 3 October 2018, 17.00 - 20.30
Location workshop: Arq Academy, Nienoord 10, Diemen
Price: € 320 p.p.

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